Monday, March 11, 2013

Current idea bids at quirky

Not sure if I've ever posted these items, but I'll throw them up anyway.  I've been contributing to an idea site recently and have been doing so on and off for about 3 years.  The site is called and I've been using a somewhat old tool to hop to more interesting product ideas.

Quirky takes ideas from it's community and chooses the ones it wants to invest in.  The community can support and contribute to the product's development and earn royalties when the product is released.  It takes the heavy lifting out of inventing, but puts the product in someone else's hands.  Here's my profile.

The mind map has been great for me since a lot of my ideas have been generated by reviewing what was done in the previous day and finding out what was really pissing me off.  With the mind map I now focus on specific areas that I interact with and jump to solutions.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, in the garden, and playing with new tech so my ideas reflect this truth.  Mind maps help you move through your experiences in a non-linear way and thus accelerate the idea finding necessary to find the big ideas that solve problems for hundreds of others besides your self.

Here are some of the current idea bids I have up.  Some expire in 2 weeks and others in a month.

These are some of the ideas I have up now.  Please please don't steal these and take them to China and make a million dollars.  I will tell on you.

The feedback I've gotten from these idea submissions has been wonderful.  I now know that from all these ideas, people really want a good quality fruit peeler (300+ votes) and would love a sci-fi looking pokemon inspired hemisphere to hang their cook ware (400+ votes).  When I say votes I mean, whoever votes for these suckers gets a cut from the royalties if the product is chosen... so get over to quirky sign up and get in on the action!