Friday, April 5, 2013


I have managed to not identify with most meme's going around from last year, but this angry cat one got me.

It's like the cat is staring at me saying, "This is what you look like right now".  I have been told I have a very natural frown.  This is never said as a compliment, and is often followed by people telling me I should smile more, which always makes me frown more.

To see it on an animal's face though isn't the same.  This cat is still cute.  And I'm sure, the more it frowns the more cute it will get.  Angry Cat, I hope you enjoy your new found success.  Please offer some online courses on how to frown with style.

In honor of today... which I will call Frown Friday, I'll accompany this frown with other frowns.  The set should remove several frowns and help you make it safely to your weekend with a smile.