Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Illusion of being powerless

No one person has full control over their environment.  But being in an environment with very little control can fool one to thinking that narrow sliver of control is all that's available outside the controlling environment.  The limits in the controlling environment aren't absolute and the moment the controlling environment is shed, the truth of new freedoms, like a gust of sea air, hits your lungs and you feel reborn.

The key is to move into more freeing environments as time passes and help others do the same.  Freedom equals love in many ways and doing things your love along with being with people you love helps you feel that freedom.  This environment is crucial for germination of ideas and personal development to grow into our better selves.

Just as putting aside your desires to love others shows love, putting aside your freedom so others can be free shows your love of freedom + love for the one you sacrifice for.