Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wash Test: Sharpie Versus Dick Blick Block Print Paint

I really enjoy working with sharpie's brush tip markers.  They are perfect for writing + drawing on shifting t-shirts material.  The only setback is they don't have that immediate painted look that is quite attractive and seen with inks for linocut or block print.  This thicker painted look takes several layers of ink.  I grabbed dick blick's block print inks and made a tshirt.  I also grabbed one of my sharpie brush tip drawn tees and threw them both in the wash.  I've done 2 washes so far and the results were a bit surprising to me.

Before washing:  Sharpie Fabric Pen on the left, Dick Blick Block Print Ink on the right

After the 1st wash

I'm not sure if I was supposed to add an additional varnish or protective layer to the blick paints but they flew right off.  My washing machine was not tinted red and yellow, in case you were wondering.

It seems like the sharpie fabric inks stayed put!  After doing this little test, I realize that writing "wash 1" or whatever wash I was on after each wash would help me organize my results.

Other washing info:
- T-shirts were washed and dried before any fabric ink or paint was applied.
- After the t-shirt was drawn on or painted, it was flipped inside out and washed with cold water with Method pump detergent.

Only dye bleed was from the Hanes logo tag (go figure) and I cut those tags after the first wash.  I have a few more hanes tees left, but I've purchased white Gildan t-shirts, and hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton tees + bags from ONNO for prime time which is a craft fair in October and the Winter 2012 Bizarre Bazaar (if I get in) in December.