Friday, August 17, 2012

Zodiac signs / Scorpio

Just a brief thought on some reading I've done.  I don't necessarily believe horoscopes, but I've read through generic statements about zodiac signs and personalities associated with them.  It seemed quite accurate!  I'm a scorpio and the gist of this sign is that I'll be driven by passion.  The weird thing is the description supposedly applies to anyone that is born near my birthday.

I don't have a quick way of finding out how true the personality descriptions are, but there is a truth to seeing
things that are true of me.  In trying to design something or illustrate, I don't need to go to far, because there are things that speak to me and others in my boat.  My October fellow babies, illustrators,  coffee lovers, travelers, and gardeners.  We all have similar desires and these passions unite us before we've even met.