Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Testing more fabric markers

Coming back from a vacation is a bit rough.  I know I have things to do, but doing the important stuff first is always a challenge.  On this rainy day, I decided to drive to a parking lot, draw and listen to rain drops inside my car.

After speaking to an uncle in-law about materials, lightfastness is something I should test as well making sure UV rays don't break down the pigments.

Here's the shirt I'll use for wash tests and sun tests.

The PEBEO SETASKRIB markers immediately felt better in the hand then all others so I gave it a 5*.  The Sharpie was close behind mostly for precision.  I hope to get a flatter pic of the t-shirt at some point.  The worst of the lot were the fabricmate chisel tip.  I may be using it wrong, but a thicker barrel doesn't compensate for the stiff chisel tip.  That stiffness on cotton was a horrible combination, and the thinner fabric mate pen was ok.