Friday, September 28, 2012

Sharing Makes You Feel Good

I have had a resistance to doing the next few blog posts because my mind is
resisting writing.  That word "write" just feels like it's forced homework that has to be done.
I will, from now on or until I hit another writing block, interally think of writing as sharing.
Just thinking of sharing makes me want to write!  I share pics on facebook all the time.  I share
with my wife the latest things I've read and try not to repeat information I know doesn't interest her.
I share words with my coworkers, and also when I play Word With Friends. : )

Sharing takes on enough forms that it is irrelevant.  What I do becomes more important.  How I spend my time
will drive what I share, so my focus needs to be on making sure I have enough variety to share naturally 
and full of passion.  

Here's a list of what I've done with my free time over the past month.  
- Read about elections
- Read about the economy
- Watched H+ on youtube (I love sci fi)
- Watched the 1st season of Terra Nova.
- Read 4-5 reviews on The Master movie which I hope to watch in October.
- Illustrated and Block printed around 20 t-shirts and bags for next weeks craft fair.
- Painted small abstract watercolor paintings for the craft fair.
- Went to a coffeehouse to listen to a friend's band.
- Changed churches.
- Stayed at a beach house.

When I review these activities I see there's definitely a lot of my desires driving the content I make and see.  I've loved sci-fi ever since I watched Star Wars on Laserdisc as a child.  I've loved illustrating and painting since I saw Bob Ross and some other guy slowly build guided master pieces over the TV and into my living room.  

I just love these memories and this doesn't include all the laughs, trips, and fun I've had with my family this year.  Sharing has another benefit in that it helps balance emotions and memories so no one event is such a boon or a drag that future opportunities are missed.  I hope to be sharing more often.

The quote "sharing makes you feel good" is from a mother-to-son conversation I overhead in Seattle, WA in 2006.