Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Warm Thoughts for September

(reposted from my Oh Yeah! etsy team)

Fall is my favorite month.  I actually prefer the sandals, shorts, and t-shirt weather, but the response to the colder weather - socks + shoes, light jacket - really shows that we are or will be indoors more seeking the shelter we have.

Already my garden is closing up shop.  The blackberries are spent, and tomato harvests have diminished.  Where I was handing out gallon sized bags of tomatoes, now I take a handful and place them on the window for an occasional snack.

The harvest extends past what we eat and continues into social circles.  The temperature drops may mean less trips to the beach and more concentrated time with the friends we've had or new friends we've collected.  Where others would normally roam they congregate and keep warm.

Technically, fall begins on September 22nd, but once the temps slipped back into the 70s, for me, fall has begun.