Monday, October 1, 2012

Craft Fair Tomorrow!

I've made invites on FB and Google+, but if you are in the Worcester, MA area tomorrow night, come out to Beatnik's Indie Craft sale!  I'll have a display rack with my latest goods.  I've included some of the items for you here....

Anything that doesn't sell will be blogged about in another post and listed for sale on etsy.

These are the results that came from a love for custom t-shirts.  I began using fiber markers and moved to block inks.  I didn't get to try out silk screening, but I expect to do so in the next few weeks + post those items on etsy.  I mentioned this to a fashion savvy friend of mine and she pointed out something I was struggling with.

I started by getting a bunch of men's tees this summer and I was overwhelmed with the type of t-shirts, blouses, etc.  available for women.  It was as though there was an entire universe of fashion to account for.   I may tackle a portion of that in the future, but my friend recommended I start with block prints on scarfs.  I could make infinity, or other non-knit scarf and apply as many prints as a customer desired.

Right now I have 1 product requested by a friend, but the other items were made mostly based on my own interest for Halloween.  The block print theme on the bags continued onto other fall colored women's tees (not shown yet).  I really love the ancient feel of the patters and reminds me of finding buried fossils or
stones printed with hieroglyphs.

I will post again on my experience at the craft fair!!