Friday, October 19, 2012

#3: Words With Snow Women

I knew nothing about CNN's Candy Crowley until I saw part of the 2nd presidential debate.  I think she's pretty brave for fact checking on the fly in front of all who watched or tweeted.  Kudos to you!  I liked her so much I made her a character!  I have about 2 seasons outlined and I was looking for a strong female character with a take-charge attitude.  Your audition at the debate was excellent!

Constructing a cohesive mini dialog using the words with friends took a bit.  I was happy to have figured it out, but I wondered if I could use the word "lets" without the apostrophe.

Thank goodness for the internet!  This webpage said it was O.K. as long as I don't use a plural pronoun (us, for example).

Lets have a good Friday, ok?