Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finished Season 1 of the Event

I just finished watching season one of The Event.  The premise of the movie is their are aliens that look exactly like people who want to leave Earth.  Throughout the show there's a lot of drama and very few displays of what makes the aliens so...alien.  In V, the extra-terrestrial beings have reptile bodies under human skin.  In X-files each episode reveals some conspiracy or alien related phenomena pushing the plot forward or into unknown territory.  This show seemed to talk a lot about these aliens being from another planet, but there was very little to show for it until the finale.

The political tiers of power and board rooms where people are sitting in a protected room calling the shots, slowed down the momentum of the show.

Shawn (guy on the top left of the image) is a young hacker who against all odds, seeking out his kidnapped girlfriend, and finding a billionaire who appears to be experimenting on the human population  outside the country.  He seems to be my favorite character, because he has very few resources and yet has to make the most of his online and offline skills.  Any character who has me saying "I would never do that!" over multiple episodes is the one who will have the most interest.  They are continually teasing out their own character in the face of danger and slowly show you why they are special.

After I made it through the season (The President's wife's closing remark is brilliant), I was disappointed to see NBC cancelled the show.