Friday, October 26, 2012

Full of Pop

I'm a recovering hipster and still try my best to avoid main stream media news at all costs.

But the gangham style hype really caught my attention.  More to my resistance for things that are wildly successful.  So it has 500 million views.  Big whoop!  The truth is I need to just admit that I along with the other 500 million viewers have something in common.  We all like silly content.  Some enjoy dancing, but
seeing this guy Psy start a dance craze in the way he did is really entertaining.

Just to keep things in perspective other videos over or close to the 500 million mark are...

I've made this little Hamgang to commemorate Psy's success in pop history.  I am new to the pop art genre and normally would be running from it like a tough mudder athlete, but now-a-days I desperately seek comic relief.

It is the release from the drama and pressures of a dad with 2 kids and a full time job.  It helps me realize life is fleeting and obsession over the more grim aspects of life is fatal.  Having a sense of humor reminds me there is a path through a day where I can smile more and have meaningful conversations with people I see, versus hmmm say the robot greeting and dialog I've perfected "Hi. How are you doing? Good."

Society 6 has the tee, iPhone case, and print with this design over here.