Friday, October 5, 2012

Thoughts on the movie Commune

I have been in a couple circles and got close enough to people to hear their desires.  Social circles are so much different than Facebook and change based on your current life stage.  One common thing I've heard is, "We should form a commune".  The amount of oneness present with people to desire just to live with them all the time still is mysterious to me, but I got to get a small glimpse of it by watching Commune.

This movie is set in California after a group of people had finished protesting in Washington DC before an election in the 70s.  They were fed up with the system and decided to start over.  The group eventually purchased the Black Bear Commune for around $20,000 and lived there.  The struggles and joys they experienced made me realize when a group splits off from another larger group, there is always a distance and struggles between ideals and reality.  Even after separating and starting a new community with good intentions, they ran into a few major problems due to how open the community was, and the natural shift of expectations when couples have children.

The good aspect to a commune is people have the open space to explore and figure out what they are good at and use this skill to serve the community.  In the best case, a person could be surrounded by several mentors and learn how to hone their craft, teach their skill, and balance their repertoire with skills taught by others.

The story of this commune shows the positives and negatives while doing an excellent job of presenting this
life approach as an alternative to being raised in the city or suburbs.

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