Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I wish I could take a picture of these Panda Bear sized pressure sitting on my shoulders now.  The craft fair is hours away and out of nowhere I feel fears breathing down my neck?  Will I do well?  What do I want to walk away with?

One fear I have is that no one will come.  I would have prepared all those materials stayed up till 2 AM several nights in a row for nothing.  Or is it really nothing?  This pressure has forced me to idea storm and creative in really short bursts of time.  It's made me give the "yeah" or "nay" to goods I've considered selling so I can focus on the next item to prepare.  When I make mistakes (water soluable ink on t-shirts = #facepalm) I feel like I will never forget that mistake.  It also make me curious as to what makes something so permanent that it stays on a t-shirt despite water and UV?  Is there a more sustainable way to make custom tees?  Probably.  This is what I have to explore in the coming months.

I've realized that t-shirts mean a lot to me.  They speak to how I love casual environment, and the flow of creativity and ideas.  The natural and humorous communication on people, us walking canvases.  We change so often that we don't even realize it.  Grabbing a tee or an outfit is a statement that we are in tune with ourselves for that moment.

This pressure has polarized the types of things I want to make and has given little sparkles of light in the distant places I have yet to explore.  I know that if I'm not exploring, I'm watching someone else explore, and this may be ok when I'm taking a breather, but at the end of the day, I want to tell my own story.