Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday October Babies!

Today is my little sister's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Priscilla!  This month holds the birthdays
of several friends.  Some of who I haven't seen for years, but somehow
their birth date has stuck to me.  Others I've seen recently and will see again soon.
My birthday is on Halloween.

I can see how a birthday can be sensitive for some and a celebration for others.
You may have been a bit more solitary at this stage in your life and your birth date
just reminds you of aging and things slowing down.  You may have found new friends or
still be connected to old ones.  Your birthday will be celebrated with friends at a
house or restaurant.  May be life is just to busy to get those you love together,
so you'll celebrate it with a nap.

In any case, you, and your life, with all the ups and downs - sidesteps and strides,
when it is summed together it is filled with value.  If you don't agree, take
a moment and remember the things that warm you up on this cold windy day.  Then remember
those who you have made smile.  Who you have inspired or shared travels with.

I'm not sure if it's age, but I often make the mistake of staring and pondering over
things that really bother me.  They are outside me, but over time they get under my skin
and I fight this process.  After the struggle, if that irritant presses on, I close my eyes and
eventually grow numb to those "negative forces" and unfortunately I grow
numb to other areas in my life whether they are good or bad.

At this stage I am left with a choice.  Either I continue getting bitter at the things I don't like
& can't change immediately, or I suck it up and use this day to try and change one thing.
To take a step forward or prepare myself to be inspired for the next project or expedition.

Birthday's are a celebration of life, but they are also a reminder that we were placed on this
earth to sidestep bitterness and make a difference.  To change how people see the world.
It's when I am distant from this purpose that I get bitter and when I pull away.
But something always catches my eye and warms a place deep inside to remind
me there is still life and purpose within me.   And this is true for everyone.  Even you.
To all my fellow October babies and to all babies around the world, gifted and grown or little and lovely...

Happy Birthday. : )