Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nostalgia Attack: Bob Ross

Have you ever made a decision and a few years later realize your mistake?  My wife and I finally closed an evil and torturous chapter of our lives.  The previous owners of our house painted most rooms pistachio green.   Actually I take that back.  It was closer to monster green... an unnatural eyesore.  Then we had kids and had to live with the green on these walls, less time, and shortened energy levels - is this really paint or are the walls rotting before our eyes?!?

Eventually, one we painted over the green paint, one wall at a time.  We were learned about  paint finishes.. egg shell versus satin versus semi gloss.  And I found out that I suck at even brush painting.  My wife was much more gifted at painting consistently with a brush and I was given the roller for the quick jobs.

Last night as my wife, covered over my horrible brush work I could hear a familiar sound... pat pat pat pat.  It was my wife tapping paint from her brush to the wall.  This was such a pleasing sound, but I knew I had heard it before.

Enter Bob Ross.  The virtuoso of wet on wet oil painting.  It was his brush strokes I remembered.  His hypnotic voice that would send me into a trance as a kid (and my parents rejoiced!). And his breath-taking happy worlds he would make over and over again until I wanted nothing more then to leave this world and be painted onto his canvas.

Thanks Mr. Ross.  You, your smile, your paintings, and perfectly formed afro will always be a source of wonder and inspiration.