Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ups and Downs: Episode 1, Avalanche

Thank goodness winter is not more than 1 season!  I went for a walk today in the most wonderful part of the town I work called Westford.  The pleasant part is there are almost no homes in site.  It is mostly trees and fields and I can see myself snow shoeing all up in there.  This wooded place where I started attempting to meditate.  I say attempt, because I initially read a 20 minute meditation session would really help clear my mind, dig for new ideas, and other good things.  

My first meditation was a huge fail and I cut the session down to 5 minute meditations with a 30 second break.  My attention span is that bad.

While I sat there in my car just listening to the sound of my breath, floods of ideas came, and I was able to make it through my mini meditations!  The idea of making a comic popped in my head and I thought... well what the heck!  The temp drops will have me at a computer more often and I've just figured out how to use the vector drawing program called Inkscape, so this should be a fun trip.