Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hoarest of Hairs

I'm currently playing 4 words with friends games and was recently forced to place the word hoar down.  I looked this up and it means a white-ish grey.  Like Gandalf the grey or white.

I've always said I'd rather go gray than go bald and going white would be entirely delightful.  What would it take to go white?

Moses met with God.  Gandalf the Grey had to fight a huge demon monster.  Heck even Obama hair is going light after being a President.

There is a pattern here.  It is the epic quest or unique experience granting the adventurer white frosty hair.

It is Halloween today and it is also my birthday.  It is a sad trend to see so many friends (and myself included) celebrate birthdays less and less as we get older.  Is life so bad we sweep years under a rug like some hidden habit?

Not only do we celebrate our kids birthdays, we sing + rejoice with them.  We invite their friends, and rumble with cheers when they blow out their candles in a single breath.  Breathing has never been so admired.  I would hate to tell my kids when they grow up, birthdays are only for children.  That life means less the more years you have.  This is absolutely false, but the busyness of schedules and lack of forethought make it seem to be true.

Well then.  I will use my imaginary powers to light 33 candles on a cake shaped like Mount Everest where we all stand at the base.  Up near the summit is a cloak of clouds.  Just past that I've sent up the candles with shirpas, and we all have to get to the top and use what breath we have left to blow out those candles.  May we make it to the top, rejoice, and savor our breaths along with the view.

My wish to you... to us, is that we find many epic journeys to grey our hairs (or keep them as is if that's what you prefer) and fill our hearts with stories to be told around the fire or at the K-cup machine.  I hope we are full of happiness and find crafts and trades to fill our time and tickle our minds.  May those who we are connected to get to see us at our best in simple and profound ways.

Happy Birthday to you.