Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time off due to Hurricane Sandy

Besides hearing the howling wind and watching the trees bend, shake, and yield their branches there was no other evidence the edges of the hurricane came through our neighborhood.

For the most part I was with my kids.  The day job was closed and my kids daycare was closed as well.  My wife put in a few hours at work and I got the whole day to be with my kids.

I watched them hide from ghosts, play hide & seek, and eventually they came downstairs to chill with me by the fire.  I lit the fire twice and we set up a "tent city" around the fire and relaxed.

They have a new favorite activity involving jumping as high as possible and landing with all their weight on me -- whether I'm paying attention or not.  I was glad to be their landing pad, but the past couple days I've been more sore than usual.

I noticed, when my son and I stepped out for a quick chiropractor visit, my social interactions were very fluid.  I was thinking more about people than the things I need to take care of.  What was the catalyst?  What caused the balances to shift out versus in?  It had to be the day with my kids with their in-the-moment attitude and cheerful demeanor.  I'm truly thankful for my time with them.