Monday, October 22, 2012


My wife and I finished watching the 2nd episode of Alphas and our discussion about the show moved over to the kitchen.  This season is less about concept and character introduction and more about skill mastery.  Taking an ability and seeing what can be done with little effort.  The show explores the life saving and destructive sides of possessing a talent.

A few months ago, my wife wasn't emotionally stable.  She felt as though between work, kids, and house responsibilities she was spent.  We talked around April or June and tried to come up with a way to help her get more in touch with activities where her strengths stood out.  The last few months she was able to make certain changes and now she feels like there's a huge boulder off her shoulders.

Her process reminded me of Maslov's hierarchy of needs.  The top of the pyramid being self-actualization and the bottom being the basic securities like food and shelter.  Along the way up the pyramid are building blocks to create the foundation for a highly productive and satisfied individual.

I don't necessarily believe the pyramid explains all that a person needs to feel satisfied, but the concept of someone using themselves in a unique way really appeals to me.  I feel like the search for creating something unique or one-of-a-kind (OOAK) will happen when I know what my strengths are and I'm kicking butts and doors on the way to being more myself and making things true to my passions.

The concept sounds and feels good, but it as elusive as the beloved unicorn, and for parents already locked into full time jobs, getting to the self-actualized state requires prudent plans and environments allowing a person to stand out from others.