Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricks & Treats

After work yesterday I set out to go trick or treating with my family, a neighbor, and her adopted daughter.
We stayed within a couple blocks of our house and accosted those we saw.  Porch-lights are the universal symbol for candy inventory levels.  Those wise enough to install a dimmer, help us parents steer towards the larger candy stockpiles.

My son is a modern hero who has super hero suits for The Flash, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Captain America.  Times are tough so he takes on the other powers for extra work.  My daughter, my precious, dressed as Elmo and could've easily plundered all candy bowls with her super powerful cuteness.

After all was said and done.  After the strange monster babies in white cradles where behind us and the suited gorillas slipped off with their inflatable banana's, we returned home.  Our neighbors daughter and my son ran to the backyard and said something was very beautiful.  I was pretty sure the kids toys were in the shed and the dark hid our mediocre yard.  Then I looked up.  It was a clear view of the moon and  moonlight soaked clouds.  The sight was so simple and natural reminding me not all passing through the night
is scary.