Monday, November 5, 2012

Cowboys and Indians

Watched some of the video without sound.  It looks like a good video.  Somewhere in the comments was this statement..

The other day I saw an “Indigenous American” fellow dressed up like a white man; wearing a collared shirt and slacks, he was clearly being racist and I am highly offended.
I laughed when I thought about this.  I've seen all sorts of people wear baggy pants, button up shirts, hats backwards, doo rags, suits, dresses, pants.  It all becomes irrelevant after a while.  The racial associations blur and anyone can wear anything without feeling like a piece of clothing belongs to a certain type of people.

It seems like these artist were going for a specific feel in their video and I think they achieved it.  It was supposed to be a more primal western and I think it worked.  What they probably didn't anticipate is viewers negative racial associations with their look, which forced them to take down the video.

We are on the heels of Halloween so this could be seen as Halloween costumes, but it was taken to be much more.

No Doubt - Looking Hot (Official video) from Flochjan on Vimeo.