Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Glittery Octopus

I reconnected with my wife's uncle over a vacation in August by the beach and he filled me in on what he had been doing for the past 30 years. I'd seen evidence of his work around the house with a huge reel shiny silver wrapping paper and reels of silver paper with hearts cut out, but he told me much more and I was impressed with how detail oriented he needs to be. After all was said and done, I shot him an email weeks later and asked for some samples of glitter from his company. He sent them and I set them aside for several weeks.

The past few days, I've been very absent minded and day dreamy, which is a sign I'm fighting a cold. This illness has slowed me down enough to review items I had laying around... 3d printed items to be specific that were closed up or sitting on a shelf. This Octopus was supposed to be the 2nd of whimsical animal hybrids. There was supposed to be another piece added, but the design never quite worked out. But it sat there for months and finally I had an idea! Why not paint the octopus and toss glitter on it?!? Clearly the cold was progressing to my brain!

I continued with the idea. Figuring the glitter across the 8 tentacles and the bulb shaped head would present plenty of surfaces for glitter to cling to and ricochet light. I was spot on.

It was as though the octopus magnetized microscopic stars onto it's body and every way it turned little white shimmers appeared. Mind you, before this glitter was one aggravation I did my best to avoid. My kids lovely crafts would often leave glitter trails in my car and on my clothing and I'd show up at work looking like I just had a all night craft party. This glitter was by far much different and worked exactly as I intended. To continue with this and fit in with the season I picked up some eye hole screws from a local hardware store and took a ribbon used to bundle my daughters clothing. Before I knew it it was done and I just needed to get pictures taken + think about packaging.

I am truly bummed out with how little conservation land is available to Massachusetts residents, but I do have one spot in my town. I went to the closest conservation land I knew and was reminded of it's size by the many houses I could see beyond the trees. I decided to stay away from the typical path I've taken and went south through the woods. Several trees had bowed to Hurricane sandy and stayed there. I kept seeing these trees and nearby there were several branches I picked up and reused for when I would need to show the ornament hanging.

These are the other product pictures.

And here's where you can pick up the glittery Octopus ornament.