Tuesday, December 11, 2012

4 Christmas Cards left to send out.

I think I've sent a total of 30ish Christmas + Thank You cards.  It is by far the most cards I've ever sent out and each one was watercolor painted and there were no copies.  Last night I worked on another silver glitter card and painted a jeep on rocks while sitting next to my daughter, Maya, who was making watercolor hand prints and shapes on scrap paper.

She has seen me on the craft table several nights now painting these cards and loves copying me whenever she can join in.  It's wonderful to see her try new things and was glad to let hand print a few cards.  Most of her daycare teachers and a couple friends Oregon, both just had a baby girl, got a "Mayan" hand print.

The cards were painted and shipped so quickly I don't think I have many pics of them.  I did take one picture of a request from a friend to paint a squirrel handling a yo-yo.  It was a perfect request.  Taking something pretty innocent and giving it a playful spin.

This whole business of making cards and sending them out to people at the end of the year was out of guilt and gratitude.  I have been more like a recovering zombie parent in the years leading up to 2012 where I was barely able to tumble down the front steps and drive to work due to being sleep deprived.  Young kids will do that to you.  Now I feel the creative juices slowly flowing again.  Inspiration is making its way from the distant mountain top down to me and I have the power to do something with it.  All those years of getting Christmas cards and squirrel them away on the mantel without a return thank you or similar card are behind me and I took a moment and think about the good things of 2012.

All the invitations to peoples houses, visits to our house, the meals, the kind words, the laughter + time shared...  All the fellow parents who had enough cheer and sympathy to help being a parent be a little easier....  Family members who visited, but won't be seen for the holidays...  All these people will get a thank you.  The kindness shown over time really does lift my spirits and I hope to be grateful for it and give it to others in-kind.