Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Automatic Door Stickers

I've been testing out the timeless way theory for a few days now and I've noticed there's a spill over happening.  I start thinking about things and re-imagining places and situations whenever I have to wait for something.

As a parent, mornings can be difficult.  There are lunches to be made, and the entire house has to shuffle out of the door.  Recent temperatures have dropped and there's the added steps of making sure the kids put on the right layers, gloves, right shoes, and a constant check to make sure there are no runny noses.  After all is said and done, I find myself cruising down the highway and realize I've forgotten to make my lunch.

I have a few options where I work, but because it's a suburb in Massachusetts, there are mostly chain restaurants available, and that gets boring very quickly.  I've chosen the more expensive path of getting a protein source from a place within walking distance.  The closest place is a Walgreens 10 minutes down the road.

Walgreens is a chain, but they've grown on me recently due to their no-questions-asked return policy.  I used it last year when I grabbed mustard Spanish almonds by accident.  I specifically go to the refrigerated isle where I grab an energy drink and some protein sources like beef jerky and nuts.

It is monotonous, but I at least have the option to walk there and the protein heavy meal in the middle of the day really does great to keep any junk food cravings away.

I had beef and bacon jerky along with a couple energy drinks at the checkout last night and an old man in front of my went to grab change out of his pocket.  I'm not sure exactly how much time passed while he meticulously dug into his pockets for every last cent, but it was enough time to help me slip into timeless observation.

There was no beautiful nature to stare at --it's a chain after all-- so I jumped to re-imagining the store.  Looking over to my right I noticed each automatic door had 3 stickers on it for a total of 12 stickers.  One sticker let customers know the doors could be pried open if there were a power failure.  Another sign told customers these were automatic doors.  I don't remember what the third sticker sign said, but these 3 stickers really bothered me.  Why 3?  Why couldn't there just be 1 sticker or sign for all 4 doors?

Something else I noticed, when the old man was almost done with his penny search, was the baskets stacked up in front of the door.  I immediately thought these baskets could be put to use, and instead of standing and waiting, I could slip my credit card into some device in the basket and ring up my items as I shopped.

Eventually the old man paid for his things, and I swiped my credit card before driving home.