Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Timelessness to Inscription (Human Timelessness)

You may have partied your ass off on New Years Eve and are wondering... Who am I? How did I get here?   Don't be ashamed!  These are great questions!  As you age, you'll start asking yourself these questions every hour!

Ah, but to figure out how to get from the start of 2013 all the way to the end with something to show for it... that is the true conquest!  Are you looking to reclaim some of your time and make something out of it?  Great let's go!

I by no means am an expert in figuring out the best thing to do with my time, but I always wander back to similar things.  I love learning how to cook a new dish, or doing something crafty with my hands.  Gardening a seed until it bears fruit is always a thrill.  Other times I'm trying to figure out how the hell I can make a decent buck from an idea or creation.

This whole process, the frustration, exhilaration  exploration, and everything in between, is what drives me and many others to create.  It is the tokens from this creative process that allow me to look back and say,
"I am still alive."

I noticed mornings are often swallowed up by requests for breakfast, and pressing chores and errands which are dying to be taken care of.  Before all this, however, there is a moment.  This moment is the final hour before any feet are pattering about.  It is a quiet hour in which I just sit and think.

I have attempted meditation before, and I've failed several times.  I now intentionally let my mind wander and after saying a few prayers I return and revisit the previous day.  I remember every mundane thing, anything that made me smile, and I hover over these memories like a ghost.  Sometimes I end up counting my blessings.  Other times I get ideas.

Mind wandering leads you to notice the silly life problems that piss you off.  You see them and wonder why do I suffer needlessly?  Why do I do I need 10 steps to make this meal when I can do everything in two steps?  What if I were to smudge colors and make a tree instead of using a watercolor brush?  What if I took the long way home once a month?  Where would my curiosity lead me?

Curiosity is the yellow brick road to innovation and challenging the herd mentality within and without.  It's the
same curiosity that propels one from the present state to wonder filled discoveries.  It is this same space for curiosity that is often penciled out of our schedules as the day swallows our time month after month until the year is done.

What if we were to block out time to just goof around or think about the previous day?  If we turned off the TV or Internet and just played or talked to family or a friend?  Or chose to try something new every month?

I plan on exploring this path and I hope to have tokens when I'm done.  Something physical, I could potentially give to someone else and say this is what I did in 2013 and the little explorations I did along the way.  There is an outline to this little blog series called Human Timelessness, that will skim across the many ways to optimize an open mind, push ideas through their paces until you hold your little precious thing in your hand.  I'll also be harvesting responses from those who I view as idea and execution machines.  People that are raising their game with a mysterious amount of confidence and aren't afraid to fail.  Who pull astounding ideas out of the clouds and live to tell the tale.