Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Timelessness to Inscription: From Inspiration to Imagination

My son was born in this month 5 years ago.  I remember him not crying when he was born.  My wife had preeclampsia and they gave her enough magnesium that my son needed a bit of help before taking his first breath.

Our breath, acknowledging our presence and arrival in a new place, is an important step during and after a timeless experience.  The air is so good and contains so much that it hurts.  So much we tear up and cry.  Enough to knock us off our feet and onto our butts.  It may be we had no control over the cold or illness that is slowing us down, leaving us bed ridden, or has us driving many unexpected miles to care for someone we love.  It is in this silent place we are spoken too.

We may have planned to see a piece of architecture, and notice a field of vineyards set like seams on the earth cloth aiding in wine production.  Or a new person at a party who went from acquaintance to friend in a few sentances.

It is much more than the passing greeting. It is greatness careening out from somewhere far away and hitting your  heart and mind in a warm and pleasant way.  You have the opportunity of shifting how you see life and you feel bigger and younger inside an older body.

It is this inspiration from one person to another that pulls us up and calls us to walk in it's footsteps.  Copy it and you won't be sued.  Try to copy it and you have in your hands your own unique piece of inspiration with the potential to open someone else's eyes to a twist on the inspiration leading you to continue on.

Inspired us moves through with boundless resources of energy and we pour ourselves into what we make.

"(...Length, the need of a wide embracing rhythm, is almost the measure of the force of the inspiration, a sort of counterpart to it's pressure and tension).  Everything happens quite involuntarily, as of a tempestuous outburst of freedom..."

It is the wind.  It sends us on our way and often times off course.  Leaving us to rewrite maps and find new lands.  New ways normally eluding us in our plain efforts.

"The irrationality that is inspiration, thought analogous to a kind of insanity, is understood to be sui generis, a peculiar, unique and probably rare state of being.  The creative is less irrational than, so to speak, 'supra-rational.'  It achieves feats unattainable by any merely rational or procedural method."


Inspiration: an anthology of utterances by creative minds defining the creative act and its lyrical basis in life by  Jack Lindsay
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