Friday, January 4, 2013

New logo for my bitcoin blog.

I needed a new logo for my Bitcoin blog and after some thought I stuck with this.

I began with the hash code of the current block being worked on (1/4/2013) and applied that string of numbers and letters to squares, circles, the letter B.  These didn't feel right, so I tried a spiral.  Bingo!  The whole concept of bitcoin mining is it takes several hours, and teams of computers to process bitcoin payments and get a reward for their efforts.  The spiral symbolizes the complex process in which bitcoin payments are verified.  The B in the center is the tasty nougat.  The reward for all the energy it takes to verify payments.

I wanted to grab a more meaningful hashcode, but looking up the hashcode for my birthday didn't yield the search results I wanted.

The normal 'B' used on bitcoins and in most logos has serifs, but I like this modern look, since it is a  futuristic electronic currency.

I walked away from the blog October of 2011 after having immersed myself in research on mining rigs, online wallets, and finding great mining pools.  I was burned out and at the end of last year I noticed a huge spike in visitors.  Particularly on this page, which explains how to fine tune pool mining.

I entered this new year trying to be more open to new opportunities and returning to the blog and the core of what was interesting about bitcoins became a clear path to return to.