Monday, January 14, 2013

Timeless/Displaced Observation

I added displaced, because hearing things from your past, or mixed in a way that isn't true to how a piece is originally created seems to open up inspiration.

Seeing an old industrial fan repurposed into a chandelier, listening to Tribe Called Quest, or seeing cassette tapes turned into lamps all seem to help shift the viewer from the familiar into a new territory.

I've ordered a piece from a friendly Etsian combining old poetry with a cassette tape (pictures are coming) and this serves as a way for me to help escape the limitations of my own reality and remind me of the freedom and inspiration that come from an active imagination.

I purchased my first A Tribe Called Quest cassette on the day the Lion King was released to theaters.  My siblings wanted to see the Lion King and I wanted to buy ATCQ's Midnight Mauraders album.  My mom approved trading a ticket for a tape.  It was this album that made me value the samples used.  Specifically the heavy sampling of jazz.  They would take a moment of a recording or a motif and loop it to build an entire song.  Sometimes sampling 3 or 4 vinyls from separate artists.  To this day this album and all others they've released have served as a source of inspiration.  A little nook I can slip into and shift my mood, and perspective to hit the day in a fresh way.  I've collected my favorite songs from ATCQs albums --one from each album they released-- into a playlist I'll include in this post.

Favs from ATCQ for blog by Ruben Brito on Grooveshark