Friday, January 4, 2013

Timelessness to Inscription: The Creative Package

There's something in me that sees packaging and thinks it is wasteful.  For a brief moment you are paying a bit extra to trigger a feeling and in a moment the package becomes useless.  It is recycled or becomes part of the clutter that visually and physically slows us down.  It eventually is recycled or thrown in the trash.

Nature, in all it's glory, packages it's products quite nicely.  An orange peel can be zested, dried for tea, and dried for fragrance, but in the end, the packaging was alive and soon dies to break down into the original elements from which it came.  Potato skins carry theirr seeds. Pears have an edible package.

I wish there was a way to ship something dipped in chocolate!  Or even embed herb seeds into the side of a box.  Stick the box in the ground and you'll have new life at your feet.

As of now our recycle bin is always filled with packaging.  Most of our purchases are from Amazon and they've done better to ship with less.  Somewhere within me there is still an expectation for receiving a hidden surprise and I'm sure this is why people enjoy having a package that tells a story about the product or displays it in such a way that it features it at it's best.  I'll shut up now and share some of the most interesting packages I've seen recently.