Thursday, January 3, 2013

Timelessness to Inscription: From Imagination to Creation

In this silly real world we don't always have the opportunity to bounce around the globe and peer at bigger than life architecture.  Sometimes we are restricted to being in a lab most of our work day.  Other times a home.  In other cases a bed.  There is another way to tap into and be inspired through the world of imagination.

It seems so easy for children.  They dance about and slip into an imaginary place so easily.  I see this with my son who just is sick of the constant trips to preschool.  I see he wants a change and the quickest and cheapest way for him is to slip into his imagination.  This isn't good when I'm trying to get him bundled to deal with the single digit weather New England has dealt us this month, but I know it is a good ability to have.

Imagination can take a given even that's occurred and treats each element within the story or memory and tweaks it to see a new outcome.  Call it mind experiments.  The end is observed and you continue to return to the beginning and tweak something else.

What if Rosanne Barr won the Presidential Election?  I would hate to hear her yell at us in America!  Oh that piercing voice!  What if Michelle Obama was voted in as President?  Would we all be forced to have 20' x 20' gardens in our backyard?  Would the FBI raid our house if our shoulders got a little flabby and we we're caught scarfing Doritos in our basement?

What if we could grow precious gems from our mandated gardens?  Little stocks of Indian corn with every shade of precious gem right there for the taking?  What if we stuck that Indian Gem Corn in the microwave? What type of light show would we see?

No, I haven't smoked weed recently, but you can see how anything times an imagination creates an insane path with infinite variations.  Changing one element changes the story and introduces new elements until we are left with an imaginary microwave overflowing with puffy gem popcorn all over the place and puddle of  rainbow butter to clean up.  This may seem useless, but an ear of corn filled with gems might send someone else into a timeless space.

In a more practical approach, just go over your day.  Is there some problem where you've hacked a solution together?  Are other people dealing with the same exact problem?  If you redo the hack or scenario and change a few things could there be a simple and good way to fix the problem you've been ignoring?  May be a little some of your effort could lead to you helping others who are suffering?