Monday, January 7, 2013

The Timeless Guide

I thought about this more over the weekend and I really enjoy the theory.  I'll provide some reasons why it helps make time more meaningful.

The Timeless Guide

The main idea grows out of a desire to make the most of your life using a series of phases to bring a person to enhancing their creative self.

Here's the phases:
- Timeless/Displaced Observation
- Imagine
- Be Inspired
- Inspired Creativity.
- Thoughtfully Package the Creation
- Share the Creation
- Rest

They aren't numbered because you can slip into any of them at any point.  Yes, you can rest first if you need a good nap.  If you hit a block during creation, jumping to timeless observation and imagination can help you quickly get the inspiration to hop over the block.  Packaging and Sharing most likely starts with observation and imagination to craft perfect presentation and stories with gravity.

Timeless Observation: 
   - Timeless thought or meditation can be focused on relationships, crafts you love, slow growing nature, etc.  It will be clear what to think on and appreciate if you begin to loose track of time during the thought.  It can be done while sitting still, or between other activities.  This can also be done during mediation or prayer.

   - Use your imagination to create a mental environment free of limitations.  One way to proceed could be through remember an event from... a bar visited, time with a loved one, a favorite trip.  Then take each element of the memory and change it.  If you flew on an airplane or drove a car, imagine sailing to the same location.  Often times childhood experiences can be revisited and recreated.

   - Actively observing timeless things and imagining new worlds will lead to inspiration.  Use the inspiration as a compass and fuel.  The inspiration will often be the most potent with the creative activity to start doing.  It is fuel, because of the unique creative energy one has while being inspired.

   - The hands on, dirty work, experimentation where you explore several avenues, colors, trails, lighting conditions, and see what inspires you.  It is similar to Imagination, but with physical limitations and shareable results.  The work may need to be shared several times before one thinks it is "complete".

  - An extension of the creation.  The package prepares the person about to see the work for what is to come.  People naturally reject change, but the package helps ease the viewer to a new concept.  Book covers, leather boxes, and silk bags are all good examples.  A teacher can frame a lesson for a theatrical imaginative student, by packaging new information into character for a play.

  - To rise above a creators perspective, you must share your creation and get feedback.  A sporting a new outfit, designing a toy, developing a game, or concert poster all need to be seen so the response can help refined in the creation.

  - Resting helps you go back to your relationships and be respectful to your connections.  It also is the perfect way to sensitize yourself and slow down for finely attuned timeless observation.

Take this up as your life's work and you will help others to know this truth:  

That a part of us is timeless and invaluable and have the ability to create timeless experiences.  

Anything to affirm this truth is worthy of your time.

Parents, Teachers, Artists, Counselors, Architects, Blacksmiths, Authors, Neighbors, Landscape Designers, Janitors, all are in the powerful position to guide others to enter this reality with their life and their invaluable works.